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.new neighbors.

After months of prayers and wishes and crossing fingers, Sister V and I are finally next-door neighbors!  Obviously this means loads of dinner parties, cups of sugar, and ducking across the way for a quick cup of tea.  It also means more content!  Look for exciting new changes and perhaps a home restoration post or two in the near future.


Sister C


Great housewarming gifts.

Perfect candles for a shiny new farmhouse.

Have you tried this scrubby??

Christmas, Shopping, Wish List

.sister c’s luxe christmas list.

Sister C here!  My Mister and I will be trimming the tree later today and though we’ve both completed our Christmas shopping, there are so many luxe items on my wish list for Mister to draw from for years to come.

1.  Reva Flats by Tory Burch in Clay Beige

2.  Cedar Street Maise by Kate Spade in Dynasty Red


3.  L’Occitane Hand Cream Bouquet

4.  Runway Twist Gold Watch by Michael Kors

watch5.  Gardenia Candle by Diptyque

What about you?  What items would be on your luxe wish list?


Sister C

A fantastic stocking stuffer.

My favorite Christmas ornament EVER.



I Couldn't Live Without, Makeup

.i couldn’t leave the house without//makeup.

Sister V and I are both no-muss, no-fuss kind of girls.  We have staple-focused wardrobes and a sensible array of accessories.  There are only a few things we couldn’t leave the house without…here are my top three makeup picks that I wouldn’t dream of leaving without!

Image1.  Mac Face & Body Foundation {$27, buy here}.  After a nice base of primer, this foundation feels so light and luxurious.  I love the dewy, sheer coverage I get when applied with a light hand and an angled foundation brush.  This water-based formula is excellent for dry skin and looks so delicate and feminine.

2.  Smith’s Rosebud Salve {$6, buy here}.  I keep this product in my purse, on my desk at work, and in my bedside table drawer.  I use it for yucky cuticles, dry knuckles, and of course, as a lip balm.  It provides the sheerest of natural color for my lips and keeps them kissably soft.

3.  NARS Blusher in Orgasm {$30, buy here}.  This is one of those dessert island products that I simply cannot live without.  The color is terribly flattering and though the name can cause quite the scandal, the color is perfectly ladylike and demure.


Sister C



What if you climbed out of bed every morning determined to make every woman you meet an ally instead of an enemy?  What if you fought that primal nature of be the best in favor of being a friend?  What if, as a people group, women strived to be kind to one another?  What would the world look like?


The only person in the world who can wholly understand the joys and pains of being a woman is another woman.  No man will ever understand what it means to give up a last name.  No man will ever know the infinite and bittersweet delight of carrying a child.  No man will understand the intensity or scope of a woman’s emotions.  A relationship between a man & woman can be one for the history books, but in many ways friendship with those who intrinsically understand what it means to just be is far more powerful.   

Challenge yourself this week to choose joy and kindness and goodness over the petty things that are so often fixtures in our lives.  As women, we’re all in this together.  


Sister C


.dark chocolate hot cocoa.


In the Deep South, we rarely experience real winter weather.  We sometimes experience ice or freezing rain, but a good and proper snow is often something we must simply do without.  Nothing is quite as cozy as a hot cup of cocoa loaded with marshmallows.  As I’ve aged, I’ve come to appreciate the decadence of sinfully dark chocolate and Alton’s Brown’s hot chocolate base is the perfect vehicle for the bittersweet richness of quality dark cocoa.

This recipe yields 5 1/2 cups of dry mix.

2 cups of powdered sugar

1 cup of quality dark cocoa

2 1/2 cups of powdered milk

1 teaspoon of salt

2 teaspoons of cornstarch

1 pinch of cayenne

Mix all ingredients well {using a fork} and seal in an airtight container.  To make a cup of cocoa, simple add a few tablespoons of the dry mix with hot water or warm milk.  Mix well and enjoy!


Sister C

The original recipe from Alton Brown.

Homemade marshmallows {they’re worth the hassle}.