.five ways to wear pearls.

In the Deep South, pearls are the go-to accessory.  Sister V recently graduated and received pearls not only from her father, but from her father-in-law!  They go with practically everything, so the versatility is attractive to both the stay-at-home-mother and the career woman juggling multiple portfolios.  Here are our five favorite ways to wear pearls.

1.  On your wrist.  A well-fitting pearl bracelet makes a splash at any arm-candy party.

2.  With a casual outfit.  Nothing ties together a day outfit like a string of pearls.

3.  With a LBD.  All hail Audrey.

4.  In your ears.  Pearl studs are perfect for day-to-night wear.

5.  As a set.  Nothing says Southern Stepford like the classic wrist, ears, and neck combination.


Sister C


Southern Girls in Pearls.

Caring for you pearls.


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