What if you climbed out of bed every morning determined to make every woman you meet an ally instead of an enemy?  What if you fought that primal nature of be the best in favor of being a friend?  What if, as a people group, women strived to be kind to one another?  What would the world look like?


The only person in the world who can wholly understand the joys and pains of being a woman is another woman.  No man will ever understand what it means to give up a last name.  No man will ever know the infinite and bittersweet delight of carrying a child.  No man will understand the intensity or scope of a woman’s emotions.  A relationship between a man & woman can be one for the history books, but in many ways friendship with those who intrinsically understand what it means to just be is far more powerful.   

Challenge yourself this week to choose joy and kindness and goodness over the petty things that are so often fixtures in our lives.  As women, we’re all in this together.  


Sister C